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Working with teams at start-ups and lean companies has given me the opportunity to learn and grow my skills at an accelerated rate. As a full-stack marketer, I have developed expertise in the following marketing strategies and tactics.

Brand Management


Brand Management

  • Collaborated with various departments to maintain a consistent brand identity and voice across all marketing channels

  • Created brand experiences to engage audiences and help convert brand awareness to brand loyalty

  • Contributed to the development and refinement of brand strategies and creative direction

  • Created brand guidelines and developed new brand identities for independent clients

  • Spearheaded the launch campaign of GigSalad's 2015 rebranding and website redesign

Content Creation


Content Creation

  • Pairs creative intuition with data to bring ideas to the table that help create a fresh, yet insightful, content strategy 

  • Created and contributed to content such as emails, social media messaging, blogs, e-book content, video and graphic assets, gifs, ppc ads, display and banner ads, social media ads, infographics, printed materials, swag, and other various marketing materials

Content Marketing

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Content Marketing

  • Researched new distribution channels to help circulate original content that educates and entertains the target audience and supports marketing goals

  • Drove relevant traffic and leads through link building tactics

  • Explored new ways to reach and engage users




  • Planned, developed and implemented SEO strategies

  • Performed ongoing site audits, keyword research, and performance reports to optimize client's organic search activity and increase organic traffic and conversions

  • Stay up to date with the latest search trends and ranking factors

Paid Search


Paid Search / SEM

  • Responsible for day-to-day campaign planning, implementation, budget management, performance review, and optimization of paid search marketing campaigns for clients in a variety of verticles 

  • Enhanced campaigns through testing with ad copy, creative, landing pages, and keyword optimization

Data Analyst


Data Analyst

  • Managed the reporting process of cross-channel marketing efforts to optimize the client's marketing initiatives 

  • Aggregated data and analyzed information to identify trends and patterns of behavior

  • Provided insights and recommendations to help clients make informed decisions about their markets and strategies

Social Media


Organic Social Media

  • Developed comprehensive social media strategies to increase brand awareness, prompt engagement, and drive traffic to company websites

  • Managed implementation of social media strategy across 8 social platforms

  • Used social media analytics to follow progress, create weekly/monthly reports and make data-driven decisions

  • Extensive knowledge of Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, YouTube, Snapchat and Vimeo

Social Media Ads

PAID SOCIAL_edited.jpg

Paid Social Media

  • Researched and kept up-to-date on available social media ad models to make strategic recommendations to clients

  • Created, launched and oversaw paid social campaigns that effectively targeted and engaged audiences at different stages of the funnel

  • Experience with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin ad platforms 

Integrated Marketing Campagins

The Wall of Ideas

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

  • Produced strategies for marketing campaigns in today's multichannel, mobile-driven world

  • Campaigns balanced elements of traditional and digital marketing efforts, utilizing various components from social media, email marketing, and digital advertising to print advertising, direct marketing, guerilla marketing and content marketing


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  • Developed relationships with potential partners and strategized collaborations to expand the brand's reach and drive lead generation

  • Delivered all marketing activity and promotions within partnership agreements and maintained consistent company brand standards through all communication channels

Events + Trade Shows

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Events + Trade Shows

  • Lead event planning and trade show activities consisting of working with vendors, event coordinators, and design teams to produce marketing material and booth designs

  • Extensive experience in event management, sponsorships, and fundraising

  • Produced events or trade show activities at events and conferences including SXSW, ALT Summit, Bonnaroo, Shoptalk, Subscription Summit, West Coast Craft, Circles, and NACA

Public Relations

Public Relations

  • Connected with influential media outlets, journalists, bloggers, and other influencers to tell brand stories

  • Worked with reporters and producers to facilitate incoming press inquiries

  • Experienced in crafting stories and pitching to ideal media channels

  • Utilize digital PR tactics for content marketing

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